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  • Sunday, 25 February 2024

About Us

Welcome to Smart Kids world Newspaper!

Smart Kids world Newspaper is newspaper crafted by the joint efforts of a dedicated and passionate team. We aim to develop real intelligence in kids in a world full of artificial intelligence.

It is a product of a private limited company known as 'Read Right Edtech and Media Private Limited. The government recognises our company as a startup ,  under the startup India scheme (DIPP 119307). Our newspapers are prepared following NEP 2020.  

Children are occupied with their studies and need to be made aware of news, current affairs, general knowledge, common sense, our culture, the history of our country and mythological facts. Children are unaware of our rich culture, great Indian kings and freedom fighters. Stories from Mahabharat, Ramayan, ved and purans are unheard by children. We serve as a platform where kids can read all these things in a simple language and interesting way.

Our newspapers are created in such a manner that the reading time of these newspapers is less , so that kids can inculcate reading habits in their daily routine , without sacrificing with  their study time .

So get ready for an exciting journey and open the doors for imagination and creativity!!!


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