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  • Sunday, 25 February 2024


How old must a child be to read the newspaper ?

Answer: We have two papers- junior - for the age group 3 to 7 years, and SENIOR-  for the age group 7+.


What will I get?

Answer: In the senior paper, you get a 4-page colour newspaper , containing News, articles, stories, academics, quizzes and brain games. Newspaper is published on alternate days, i.e., thirteen papers per month.

 In the junior paper, you get a 4-page colour newspaper containing reading material for kids, read-along, worksheets and fun games. This newspaper is also published on alternate days, with thirteen papers per month.


How will I get my physical newspaper?

Answer: We deliver 3 copies together for a week. You will get 12 editions per month delivered at your door step through delivery boy or thriugh courier. 

Can I get a sample newspaper?

Answer:You can get access to our sample paper available on our main page. To get physical sample copy share your address on our whatsapp no - 9429691239


Why are there QR codes in the newspaper ?

Answer: You can scan the QR codes under News or article and open that News in our app or website. By doing so, kids can listen to the News and articles as they read, which helps to improve pronunciation too.  It also serves as a good bedtime story.

This is also done , as special attention to specially abled  children.


 If I purchase a physical newspaper,  can I have access to digital one also?

Answer: Yes ,  digital edition comes free with a physical subscription.


Is the newspaper in digital mode same as physical?

Answer: Yes, all content of the physical newspaper will be in its digital edition too. The Digital edition will have some extra content that is impossible with physical editions, such as podcasts.


Can I access the digital edition without paying?

Answer: Yes, you can. Some daily freebies can be accessed.  But not the entire content .